Wildlife Photography Hides

Our network of specialist photography hides is now being managed by James Shooter.

Contact James Shooter (07837 265837) for more information and to book.

Red squirrel (forest setting) image

Red squirrel (forest setting)

Set in a mature pine woodland with natural backgrounds and perches. A range of images can be obtained with squirrels feeding, running and perched amongst the trees. Ground cover is very natural with extensive blaeberry covering. Squirrels are often active all day.

Ideal lens combination: 200mm to 400mm 

Available: November - April

Price: £65 per person per session

£120 per person when combined with crested tit or woodland birds.

Red squirrel (jumping/running) image

Red squirrel (jumping/running)

A ground-level hide set on the edge of a pine forest with opportunities for squirrels feeding, running, jumping and climbing trees. Portraits are also possible with attractive heather ground cover. Squirrels are usually most active until early-afternoon. Typical session - 5 hours.

Ideal lens combination: 200-400mm (300mm for jumping squirrels)

Available: November - April

Price: £65 per person per session

£120 per person when combined with crested tit or woodland birds.

Crested tit image

Crested tit

An open setting on edge of pine woodland. Photographers can shoot either with the light or backlit into a dark natural background. A range of natural perches will be supplied and the best chance of snow is January, February and March. The site is easily accessible by a short walk with car parking nearby.

Ideal lens: 500mm (300mm minimum).

Available: November - March

Price: £65 per person per session (all day if required).

Can be combined with red squirrel hides.

Woodland birds image

Woodland birds

Set in open woodland glade with a stunning natural background and perches providing opportunities for a wide range of images. Beyond portraits this hide offers opportunity for flight and interaction images. Possible species include chaffinch, greenfinch, goldfinch, bullfinch, siskin, redpoll, coal tit, blue tit, great tit, treecreeper and great spotted woodpecker.

Lens requirement: 300-500mm

Available: November - April

Price: £65 per person per session (all day if required).

Can be combined with red squirrel hides.

Black Grouse  image

Black Grouse

The lek (display area) is on short, tussocky grass and heather with unobstructed views of the grouse as they posture and fight. From a comfortable hide set on the edge of the lek, there are opportunities for displaying, fighting and close-up shots. You will be guided to the hide, which involves a 20-minute walk initially along a track and then over rough heather. We will collect you at the end of the session and return you to the meeting point. Typical session: 0400- 0900.

Ideal lens combination: 400-600mm.

Available: 7 April - 5 May 2018 (inclusive)

Price: 1 session: £170 per person; 2 sessions: £310 per person; 3 sessions: £425 per person

Osprey image


A unique opportunity to photograph one of Scotland's most charismatic raptors using a specially built hide overlooking a natural perch with a clean background. Feeding and flight shots are possible. This site is away from the nest so requires no licence. Photographers should be prepared to spend a minimum of 5 hours in the hide.

Ideal lens: full frame:300-400mm for flight; full frame:500mm for perched.

Available: mid June - early August (depends on breeding success)

Price: 1 session: £150 per person; 2 sessions: £250 per person; 3 sessions: £325 per person