Arctic Fox Bootcamp


Arctic Fox Bootcamp


  • Wilderness adventure focusing exclusively on arctic foxes.
  • Close up encounters with both “blue” and occasionally, white foxes.
  • Small group to optimize opportunities.
  • Spectacular, remote setting.
  • Opportunities for landscape and aurora photography.

It is rare today to find a charismatic wildlife subject in a spectacular setting that has not been heavily photographed, but this bootcamp provides exactly that opportunity. On a remote peninsula in northern Iceland, the rare Arctic fox is not only protected but has become used to the presence of researchers and occasional visitors. This means that the foxes come close and can be photographed against stunning natural backdrops.

With no roads serving the area we arrive and depart by boat and all of our encounters with the foxes will be on foot, giving us complete flexibility over shooting positions and viewpoints. Aside from the foxes there is a good possibility of photographing the northern lights, weather permitting. 

This is a real wilderness adventure providing the opportunity to spend extended periods connected with a subject that is rarely photographed in depth and rarely in such dramatic surroundings.


We specialise in wildlife bootcamps; dedicated photo tours focusing exclusively on one or two species in the very best locations for lighting and background. Such an approach allows you to secure a portfolio that goes beyond what is possible from a fleeting visit to a known hotspot.


Dates: 26-31 Mar 2018

Cost: £2195

Deposit: £0

Single Supplement: £0

Group Size: 6

Guide: Terry Whittaker

Principal Subjects: Wild arctic foxes in both “blue” and white morphs; landscapes and aurora, weather permitting.

Cost Includes: Accommodation in shared rooms in wilderness lodge; Home-cooked meals prepared by live-in chef; Boat transfers to/from Isafjordur; Tuition in the field.

Cost Excludes: Travel to/from the tour; Accommodation at either end of tour; Travel/cancellation insurance; Alcoholic drinks; Personal expenses.


Terry Whittaker

Terry Whittaker

Terry is a widely-published photographer specialising in wildlife conservation with a particular interest in the relationship between people and wild animals. Past projects include critically endangered primates in Vietnam, the wildlife trade in Asia and hunter-gatherer people in Paraguay. More recently he has been photographing efforts to save the water vole in the UK. It's also fair to say he's a thoroughly decent bloke.



Our accommodation is clean, warm and comfortable but very basic. The lodge is set in a remote area with no mains electricity. Power is via a generator and solar panels. Beds are comfortable and clean but you should be prepared to share a room with a member of the same sex. The lodge has both indoor toilet and shower. There is no WiFi and phone signals should NOT be relied upon.


Meals will be taken within our accommodation and consist of wholesome home cooking by a live-in chef. Please advise any dietary requirements on the booking form.


There is little walking involved in this tour but you will be working for prolonged periods in exposed, potentially cold conditions. To get the most from this tour, you should understand the impact of such conditions on your body, be of reasonable fitness and be sure-footed.


Weather can be changeable at this time of year and although often settled, you should expect anything from calm conditions to blizzards. Temperatures are likely to range from 0c to -15c with the possibility of strong winds. Conditions underfoot can be wet (getting in and out of landing craft) and you are often walking/standing in snow.

PLEASE NOTE: The weather in Iceland at this time of year can be unpredictable and could potentially result in delayed arrivals and departures. In the event that this itinerary cannot be fully adhered to, we will do our utmost to provide alternative accommodation and/or assist with changed flights, but any additional resulting costs must be borne by individual guests.

Giving Back

Northshots is a strong supporter of nature-based tourism contributing to rural economies to demonstrate the value of wild animals and wild places. We believe also that “taking” from the natural world obliges us to “give back” so we adapt our business practices to that end. We will contribute 2% of the revenue from this tour to help fund research at the Arctic Fox Centre.