Hebridean Coastscapes

SCOTLAND: Isles of Harris and Lewis

Hebridean Coastscapes

SCOTLAND: Isles of Harris and Lewis

  • Capture the drama of the UK’s wildest beaches and coastline
  • Shoot at dawn and dusk in the best possible light
  • Learn creative techniques to add impact to your images
  • Enjoy 6 nights of full-board hotel accommodation close to our primary shooting locations
  • Tutorial presentations to inform and inspire, including help with post-processing

There’s something about islands. The sense of isolation and perhaps even vulnerability, fuels our desire to explore and experience ‘the edge effect’. The Western Isles off the north-west coast of Scotland are very much on the edge. The turquoise Atlantic Ocean pounds the glistening white sandy shores, shifting and shaping the sands of the Hebridean machair, a unique coastal dune system that fringes these western outposts.

Lewis and Harris are the two most northerly islands in the Hebridean chain, which stretches for 70 miles and is dotted with intimate rocky coves and endless white beaches. But this tour is all about light and drama. As the Atlantic winter ebbs away, these islands enter a period of change – change that brings brooding skies and dramatic seas. It is that change that we seek to capture.

This tour is designed for serious landscape photographers intent on securing a varied portfolio of images from one of Scotland’s wildest areas. There will be plenty of tips and tricks thrown in and all topped off with great food.


Dates: 4-10 May 2018

Cost: £1755

Deposit: £300

Single Supplement: £0

Group Size: 10

Guide: Peter Cairns and James Shooter

Principal Subjects: Hebridean beaches, seascapes and dramatic coastlines.

Cost Includes: Accommodation in single ensuite rooms; All meals; Transport during tour (including return ferry fare); Tuition and presentations; Transfers to/from Inverness

Cost Excludes: Travel to/from the tour; Travel/cancellation insurance; Alcoholic drinks (wine is served with dinner); Personal expenses


Peter Cairns

Peter Cairns

Pete has spent the last 17 years putting Northshots guests in front of stunning landscapes and enthralling wildlife. Behind the scenes he has been responsible for steering the company to being one of the most trusted and respected in the business. A passionate conservationist and communicator, he now spends much of his time photographing and filming in the Scottish Highlands for SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, a multimedia initiative amplifying the case for a wilder Scotland. 

James Shooter

James Shooter

James is an established photographer and filmmaker with a passion for conservation communication. He has spent several years at Northshots developing an acute knowledge of Scottish wildlife and has led tours both in Scotland and overseas. A personable and engaging character, James will ensure you get the very best from your time spent with us. 



Good quality, family-owned hotel with private bedrooms and en-suite facilities. 

Hotel has Wi-Fi connection but it can be slow at times. 


Good quality, wholesome food is assured throughout the tour. Breakfast and dinner will be taken at our accommodation with packed lunches taken in the field. We can almost always accommodate specific dietary requirements - just tell us on the booking form and we’ll make sure you get what you want. 


Weather is very changeable at this time of year and you should expect anything from warm, calm conditions to wintry squalls. Temperatures are likely to range from 0c to 15c with the possibility of strong winds. Conditions underfoot are often very wet! 


Most activities will involve only short walks but you will at times be working on exposed, uneven ground, including cliffs and sandy beaches. You should be sure-footed with good balance. We will be working in some places with uneven terrain so overall, a reasonable level of fitness and agility will allow you to participate in most activities.  


This tour is primarily aimed at providing our guests with great photographic opportunities and to this end, most of our time will be spent in the field securing images. Our guides will however, provide help where it is needed and will offer guidance on fieldcraft, composition, lighting and photographic technique. For those guests looking for image critique and/ or post-processing assistance, this can be arranged subject to time available. For a more structured learning experience, please consider one of our Masterclass workshops. 

Giving Back

Northshots is a strong supporter of nature-based tourism contributing to rural economies to demonstrate the value of wild animals and wild places. We believe also that “taking” from the natural world obliges us to “give back” so we adapt our business practices to that end. We also contribute 3% of the revenue from this tour to Scottish charity the John Muir Trust which works to protect wild places.