What Are the Best Batteries to Use With Hot Shoe Flashes?

There are many types of batteries for hot shoe flashes.

The amount of power available in each battery varies, so different batteries yield varying amounts of use time for your flash. 

There are also different features within the battery family.

AA alkaline or NiMH rechargeable batteries may last longer than lithium-ion batteries. 

However, lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable without going through a complete ‘battery cycle.’

As a result, a lot of details about hot shoe flashes can be confusing. 

Luckily, if you’re looking for the best batteries to use with hot shoe flashes, this article is for you.

Read on to find out more.

The Best Batteries for Your Hotshoe Flashes 

Lithium batteries for camera flash

Generally, NiMH rechargeable batteries are the best batteries to use with hot shoe flashes.

This is because they have a higher voltage, which works well with more flash units. 

In addition, there is no need to cycle these batteries.

Further, many newer models come pre-charged, so they’re ready to go right out of the package.

Here are some batteries to consider using with your hot shoe flashes:

AA Rechargeable NiMH Cells

These types of batteries are rechargeable for up to 1200 cycles. 

The voltage is 1.2V when used, which works well with most hot shoe flashes. 

You can buy these batteries from most stores, especially in packs or larger quantities.

Additionally, they’re often inexpensive and work as intended.

Also, these rechargeable batteries are a good choice for primary use or for backup purposes. 

AAA Rechargeable NiMH Cells

The AAA batteries are the smallest size that can fit into a typical hot shoe flash.

That’s why they are popular with most cameras and flashes as well.  

AAA rechargeable NiMH cells are also among the cheapest.

However, they’re not without issues–they typically use “deans” connectors which most cameras don’t support (you’ll need an adapter). 

Additionally, AAA cells aren’t likely to hold their charge very long.

However, they’re the best bet if you like to snap off lots of shots without pausing.

AA Lithium-ion Cells

Lithium-ions are the most expensive batteries for your hot-shoe flash.

However, they offer extended battery life due to their high voltage. 

These cells are available in 2 CR2 lithium primary cells or 1 rechargeable NiMH AA cell with built-in protection circuit 

Be sure to test your rechargeable cells first to ensure that they’re working properly and can hold a charge.

123A Lithium Primary Cells

Primary cells are not rechargeable and are more expensive than disposable batteries.

Also, they offer the highest voltage. 

Lithium primary cells are best for use with flash units that need lots of power and don’t have built-in charging ports (so you can’t recharge them).

14500 Lithium-ion Cells

These batteries are as small as AAA cells, but offer more power than both primary and rechargeable lithium cells.

They’re the best option for flashes that don’t have a built-in charging port or those that need more power than AAA cells can provide.

Charged lithium-ion cells require careful handling as they can overheat and explode causing damage or injury.

AA Alkaline Cells

If you’re not shooting too much, alkalines will do the job.

Just don’t use them for high current drain or they will go flat pretty fast.

They are the cheapest option you can find around.

However, if you go the alkaline route, ensure you go for high-quality brands like Energizer or Duracell.

What Type of Battery Is Best for a Flashlight?

Best battery for flashlights

The best batteries for flashlights are rechargeable, either with an AC charger or solar panel.

Rechargeable batteries are reusable hundreds of times–no need to buy new disposable batteries. 

Also, batteries vary in capacity, charging speed, longevity, and cost. Here, we recommend three rechargeable batteries:

What Is the Difference Between Eneloop and Eneloop Pro?

Eneloop and Eneloop Pro batteries are great for powering your flash. Both can hold about 90% of their charge for one year. 

However, they feature a small difference. 

Eneloop Pro has a higher capacity than other Eneloop batteries (2500mAh and 1900mAh respectively).

Eneloop pro can power your flash for almost twice as long before running out of charge.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best battery to use with hot shoe flashes, I’d suggest getting Lithium batteries.

Their higher voltage output charges the flash more quickly while also giving longevity. 

If you want something less costly, use NiMH batteries. They’ll probably last a little longer than alkaline cells.

If you still insist on going with standard alkaline, just get the new Duracell Ultra Power Battery.

It is rechargeable, although it’ll cost you a little more in the long run.

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