Can You Take Pictures of Checks?

Your schedule might be tight, and you may have no time to make a trip to the bank for a check deposit. However, can you take pictures of checks and make a bank deposit?

Here is everything you may need to learn about making bank deposits using pictures of checks.

Is It Possible To Take Pictures of Checks?

Taking pictures of bank check

Yes, it is possible to take the front and back pictures of checks and make a check deposit remotely using the bank’s mobile application.

However, the amount you can deposit will depend on the bank you are using.

Although this method is convenient, your check deposit can be declined if you take pictures of poor quality. Here are some tips that can help you take high-quality pictures of checks.

Take A Focused Picture 

The banks will decline check deposits if the picture is blurry in most cases.

One way to avoid a blurry picture is to place the check you’re photographing on the ground rather than holding it with your hand. 

You should also ensure only the check picture is in the frame and no random legos, credit cards, stray papers, or other visual distractions. 

If you are using your hand to precisely place the check before photographing, make sure that your fingers are not covering the account number at the bottom of the check. 

Considering that a bank check is geometrically shaped, ensure that you place the smartphone camera at an angle that will capture all four corners while maintaining the shape.

Also, try to capture the check’s vital details, such as the signature.

Ensure the Light Is Sufficient

Is it okay to take pictures of checks?

You will need to ensure that the lighting is adequate and no heavy shadows are falling on the check when photographing.

In most cases, the camera flash causes glare, making the check unreadable. 

On the other hand, you might have problems avoiding shadows falling on the check when you use artificial lighting such as a light bulb. 

Therefore, it is advisable to photograph your check with sufficient ambient light as the shadows and glare will be minimal.

Detach Pay Slips And Check Stubs 

If your paycheck comes attached with a pay stub and other sheets of paper, remove them and only photograph the check. 

Photograph On A Plain Dark Background 

Photographing a check on a white table such as the granite kitchen countertop can make it challenging for the computer to read it. 

Also, using flashy colors as the photo’s background can cause reflections, especially when positioning the smartphone camera at different angles.

These reflections might cause glare, and the bank might end up declining the deposit. 

Therefore, it is advisable to use a plain dark background to minimize the reflections and make the four corners of the check visible. 

Things To Be Aware of When Taking Pictures of Checks

Is it okay to take pictures of checks?

Although the mobile check deposit is fast and straightforward, it has limitations. Here are some things to be aware of when using a mobile check deposit. 

You Can Only Photograph A Check Using your Smartphone 

You will be photographing the check using the banking app and not your regular smartphone camera.

That limits you to using your smartphone to capture the check as you cannot transfer a different image into the banking app. 

However, the automatic snapshot feature in these banking apps makes photographing a check straightforward as the photo box can automatically outline around the check.

The Check Pictures Are Not Stored In Your Smartphone’s Storage 

When you use the banking app to capture the pictures of checks, the pictures and their details are stored in a secured web-based server and not in your smartphone storage.

Although this can be seen as a limitation, it can help protect your financial information.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Can I Make A Bank Deposit By Taking A Picture Of A Check?

If you want to make a mobile check deposit using the check picture, photograph the front and the back of the check using the banking app. Ensure the check is precisely placed and all the details are captured. 

Can I Make A Mobile Deposit Using the Photocopy of A Check?

You cannot make a mobile deposit by photographing a photocopy of a check. Typically, the bank uses some details in the back of the check to determine if the pictured check is a copy or original. 

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Final Thoughts

So, can you take pictures of checks?

Yes, it is possible to make a mobile deposit by taking pictures of checks. However, you can only photograph the original check and ensure all the details are visible. 

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