How to Turn Off a GoPro Camera

If you have a GoPro camera that you want to turn off but aren’t quite sure how, read on to learn the steps. There are just a few of them, but since the steps can vary from camera to camera it can be difficult if you don’t know the rules.

Turning off a GoPro Camera

To turn off a Go Pro camera, use one of the three ways listed here to accomplish the steps. One of these ways will work and get your camera turned off. In fact, it’s most likely that all of the ways listed here will work. You just need to decide which one works best for you.

Please keep in mind that it’s likely that you may still end up using your battery even if the lens is turned off. We’ll discuss that at the end of the article.

Voice Command

The first way to turn off a Go Pro camera is simply by using your voice command to tell it “GoPro turn off.” That’s it. Very easy and straightforward, as long as your camera has voice commands set up and enabled. If not, or if you aren’t sure, you can try one of the other two commands.

Manual Method

If you aren’t sure if your camera will turn off with a voice command or not, or if your camera doesn’t have GoPro voice control, you can always choose the manual method. In this method you locate your Mode button and press it, holding it for two to three seconds until the camera turns off.

How long you hold it depends on which model you have, but you’ll be able to tell when you give it a try.

How to Turn Off a GoPro Camera

Auto Power Off

This method will turn your GoPro off automatically. You can choose 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or never. 15 minutes is set by default, but you can choose one of the other choices if you prefer. Keep in mind that if you select the “never” option your camera won’t turn off.

QuikCapture Button

Use the QuikCapture button to turn your camera on and off if you want it to shut off as soon as you’re done with a shot. This will protect your battery life while still allowing you to get a lot of good pictures.

That’s It!

That’s it. Simply choose one of those methods and your camera will turn off either by itself or when you command it to. It’s up to you.

Keep in mind that any of these commands will turn your power off, but not all of them will turn off your battery as well. To make certain that you turn off your battery, turn off the voice commands before you turn off your GoPro. Because the camera listens for voice commands for eight hours after you turn it off, doing this will save you lots of time on your battery.

Ready to use your camera again? Simply turn the voice commands back on before you try to give any commands. You can also select “Never” in the Auto Power Off commands, ensuring that your camera is ready to go when you are.

Use these commands to turn your camera on and off and spare your battery. These will aid you in protecting your battery life and help make the use of your GoPro as effective as it can be.

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