At NorthShots, we’ve evolved to specialize in breathtaking astrophotography, with celebrated photographer Tony Kelly at the helm. Our focus is on sharing the wonders of the night sky through unique astrophotography workshop tours, offering a blend of expert guidance and hands-on experience in capturing the cosmos.

Tony, alongside his partner Laura, drives the vision of NorthShots from their base in the awe-inspiring Scottish Highlands. Their leadership and passion for astronomy and photography are the foundation of our dedicated team.

Our mission is to ignite a passion for the stars and the night sky. Projects like “Celestial Wonders of Scotland,” “Stellar Scottish Highlands,” and “European Nocturnal Nightscapes” reflect Tony’s dedication to astrophotography and his desire to share its magic. Our project, “Galactic Visions from Scotland,” is our most ambitious venture, aiming to bring the beauty of the universe closer to everyone.

Services We Offer

Astrophotography Portfolio

NorthShots offers a mesmerizing collection of Tony Kelly’s astrophotography images, capturing the beauty of the night sky over Scotland and various European landscapes. Our portfolio showcases the stunning interplay of stars, galaxies, and the natural world.

Night Sky Storytelling

Through our event speaking, we specialize in crafting photographic narratives that explore the universe. Our stories delve into the mysteries of the night sky, covering topics from celestial events to the ancient connections between humans and the stars. Our work is sought after by publishers, educational institutions, and astronomy enthusiasts.

Astrophotography Tours

Join our exclusive astrophotography workshop tours in the Scottish Highlands and beyond. Based in the heart of Scotland’s dark sky areas, these tours offer a unique opportunity to photograph the stars, learn astrophotography techniques, and experience the majesty of the night sky.

Personalized Guiding and Photography Coaching

We provide personalized guiding services for astrophotography enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, Tony Kelly and our team of experts offer tailored advice on capturing the night sky, including technical skills and creative insights.

Photographic Books and Merchandise

Discover our range of astrophotography books. Our online store also offers a selection of greeting cards, prints, and other products showcasing the stunning astrophotography of Tony Kelly.