Tony Kelly, a seasoned astrophotographer with a deep passion for the cosmos, is available for event speaking. With years of experience in capturing the celestial wonders, Tony brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to every talk. His expertise in sharing astrophotography tips is matched by his ability to engage audiences of all levels, from amateur stargazers to professional astronomers.

Tony’s talks are not just about the technical aspects of astrophotography; they delve into the profound connection between humanity and the stars. His experiences in various remote locations, capturing the beauty of the night sky, equip him with fascinating stories and insights. Whether it’s a large international conference or a more intimate workshop setting, Tony’s presentations are designed to inspire, educate, and ignite a passion for the wonders of the universe.

For information on fees, availability, or to book Tony for your event, please email us.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Nov 5, 2024Galactic Visions ConferenceEdinburgh International Centre
Nov 19, 2024Highland Astronomical SocietyInverness Planetarium
Apr 24, 2025Scottish Stargazers MeetGlasgow Science Centre


“Tony’s presentation at our annual photography symposium was a journey through the stars. His passion for astrophotography was both evident and contagious. A truly enlightening experience.” – Emily, Aberdeen

“The insights Tony shared about the night sky and his techniques in capturing its beauty were remarkable. His talk was not just informative but also incredibly inspiring.” – John, St. Andrews

“Tony’s talk at our camera club was a masterclass in astrophotography. The blend of stunning imagery and engaging storytelling made it an unforgettable evening.” – Fiona, Perth

“As a lecturer in astronomy, I found Tony’s presentation to be profoundly insightful. He has a unique ability to make complex concepts in astrophotography accessible to everyone.” – Dr. Harris, Edinburgh