What is the Best Lens for Airbnb Photos?

If you want to start photographing Airbnbs, you’ll need the correct lens.

No matter what property they come across, an Airbnb photographer needs to be fully equipped with the necessary equipment to shoot the greatest images for their guests.

So what is the best lens for Airbnb photos?

What is the Best Lens for Airbnb Photos?

Best camera lens for Airbnb photography

The ideal lens for Airbnb photography is the Canon 24mm tilt-shift. It’s a true workhorse with razor-sharp edges.

It’s a wide lens, but not too so, and it allows for accurate capture of an area.

The flexibility to tilt the lens to avoid ceiling vents or distracting elements on the floor is just the cherry on top.

The best lens for Airbnb photography will allow you to picture in various settings.

You want to show as much space as possible as an Airbnb photographer.

You should be able to demonstrate the best features of each space.

You should leave your clients happy and satisfied no matter what room they are in.

Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM

If you’re a Canon user, you’ll want to get your hands on this wide-angle lens.

It’s an L-series lens, which means the glass and construction are of superior quality.

For Airbnb photography, the 16-35mm range is appropriate. It’s large enough to fill even a little space.

If you’re in a large location but want a closer composition, the 35mm zoom is excellent.

The Canon 16-35mm features an optical image stabilizer integrated.

If you’re having trouble getting the ideal shot in a small place, this tool will be helpful.

Similar lenses offer f-stops as low as f/2.8, but they usually cost twice as much.

Although the f-stop range may appear to be a negative, keep in mind that you’ll most likely be shooting with a tripod.

When photographing house interiors, you’ll also need to use higher f-stops to keep the entire room in focus.

This is Canon’s best lens for Airbnb photography in the full-frame category.

Nikon Nikkor 16-35mm f/4

This is the wide-angle lens to aim for if you have a full-frame Nikon camera.

Most of the features are the same as the Canon lens listed above, making it suitable for professional Airbnb photography.

It’s a little heavier than the Canon version.

However, in different lighting circumstances, the Nano Crystal Coating helps to eliminate ghosting and flare.

The Nikkor lens also includes Nikon’s Vibration Reduction image stabilization mechanism.

If you’re having trouble with low natural light, this solution can help.

The Nikon Nikkor 16-35mm is around the same price as the Canon alternative and produces similar results.

This is the greatest lens for Airbnb photography, according to Nikon.

Sigma 12-24mm f/4 DG HSM Art

The Sigma 12-24mm lens is available for both Canon and Nikon, but before you buy, make sure it has a suitable lens mount.

This is a fantastic wide-angle lens for Airbnb photography on a budget.

This lens performs admirably across its whole focal length range, which is one of the largest on this list.

The lens is also coated to minimize flare and ghosting.

The Hypersonic Motor (HSM) is Sigma’s smooth, rapid, and quiet autofocusing system.

The Canon and Nikon alternatives are heavier than the Sigma 12-24 f/4 HSM Art.

However, the build quality and image clarity make this a fantastic choice for Airbnb photography on a budget.

Sony SEL1224G 12-24mm f/4-22

The SEL1224G 12-24mm is the greatest wide-angle lens for Airbnb photography available for Sony users.

All Sony E-mount full-frame cameras are compatible with this lens.

With a 12-24mm focal range, you can photograph large spaces, both outside and inside, without any distortion.

This lens also has the Sony E-greatest mount’s focal range, making it perfect for Airbnb photography.

It is comparable in price to Canon and Nikon competitors. The Sony SEL1224G 12-24mm is excellent value for money for an Airbnb photographer.

Tokina AT-X 17-35mm f/4 ProFX

Both Canon and Nikon full-frame cameras can use this Tokina lens.

The wide-angle image quality is still outstanding, considering the price.

It has a sharp image for most of the frame and a low f-stop to let enough light in interior photographs.

It has a wide range of focal lengths that can be used in various spaces.

The Tokina AT-X isn’t nearly up to the standards of the prior lenses.

It does, however, offer high-quality wide-angle recording at a reasonable price.

If you’re an Airbnb photographer on a budget, the Tokina AT-X is an excellent choice.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Lens for Airbnb Photos

Taking great Airbnb photos

Now that you’re aware of the various types of lenses available for automotive photography, consider the following considerations when selecting the ideal lens for your needs:

The sort of lens you can use is determined by the format of your camera’s sensor.

Full-frame cameras, for example, can use both full-frame and APS-C lenses, whereas APS-C cameras can only use full-frame lenses.

Longer focus lengths allow you to get closer to your subject without physically moving closer, while shorter focal lengths provide a larger field of vision.

Maximum Aperture

Your lens’s maximum aperture is the greatest opening it can make, determining how much light it can let in.

In low-light situations, a bigger maximum aperture will let you photograph with a shallow depth of field.

Image Stabilization

Picture stabilization (IS) is a feature that helps eliminate camera shake and is especially useful while shooting in low light or with a long lens length.


The ISO is a measurement of a camera’s light sensitivity.

The ISO setting determines how sensitive the camera is to light. You’ll want to buy a lens with a high ISO if you’re shooting in low light.

Shutter Speed

When the camera’s shutter is open while capturing a picture, this is the shutter speed.

A shorter exposure is achieved by using a faster shutter speed, which can be useful for shooting moving things.

Dimensions and Weight

Larger lenses are more difficult to transport, so a smaller alternative may be preferable if you plan to travel with your lens.

Final Thoughts

You’ll need the correct lens if you’re serious about Airbnb photography. It’s the most crucial piece of gear in your kit bag.

However, your needs and abilities determine the ideal lens for Airbnb photography.

Your decision may be influenced by the camera you already own, your level of interest, or your professional stage.

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