Best PTZ Camera Reviews for Wide-Angle Security

Keeping a close eye on your children, property, or even pets is very important.

The reason is simple; they matter a lot. And given the insecure world we live in today, having the best PTZ camera can never be overstated enough.

Pan tilt and zoom cameras capture wider areas of both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Depending on lens quality, you get to see everything and can even receive alerts on your phone in case of intruders.

If you are planning to install PTZ cameras on your property, this article will be of invaluable help.

We have carefully curated a list of the top options that come highly recommended.

Ready? Let’s fire away then.

Best PTZ Camera Choices for Wide-Angle Security

Best PTZ security camera with the widest angle

Here are a few options you can pick from:

1. Reolink PTZ Cameras for Home Security

Equipped with a super-high definition 5MP lens, Reolink PTZ Cameras for Home Security is one of the best cameras for surveying sensitive properties.

It captures all the details as faithfully as they are—even during the night.

It gets better. This camera doesn’t just record events.

Once its AI detection system registers movement, the spotlights fire on while the alarm blares to scare off unwanted intruders.

That’s a pretty nifty feature that all the best PTZ cameras should have. 

Like all the latest surveillance systems, Reolink PTZ Camera too automatically sends email alerts when it detects any suspicious activity.

You can then use its real-time conversation to speak with the stranger.

Furthermore, it seamlessly pairs with other smart home systems giving you complete connectivity at your place.

The camera works with its own native Reolink app which is available for mobile and desktop devices and at no subscription cost.


  • 5x optical zoom
  • 90 degrees tilt and 360 degrees pan
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Warning spotlights and siren
  • AI motion detection
  • IR Night vision 


  • Activates alarm and lights to scare off intruders
  • Waterproof design
  • Has Wi-Fi connection for stable data transmission
  • Fairly priced
  • Supports real-time conversation
  • Full-colored night vision 
  • Follow subject technology


  • When the SD is full, it stops recording

2. Alptop 4K Outdoor PTZ IP POE 8MP Security IP Camera

PTZ IP POE 8MP Security IP Camera lets you remotely monitor your property through your phone or PC.

For those on Windows PC, there is a feature that lets you access the camera settings and allow motion detection scenes to be saved locally.

You can also opt to save 24/7 recordings on your PC if storage allows.

Boasting an 8MP CMOS sensor, this pan tilt zoom camera captures all scenes faithfully.

The 30x optical zoom lets you zoom in or out while assessing incidences. Videos can be captured up to 4k quality.

But as you already know 4K videos are usually too big.

To remedy storage problems, the camera comes equipped with video compression capacity to reduce size. Don’t worry, quality rarely gets affected.  

PTZ IP POE 8MP Security IP Camera shoots impressively both during the day and night.

Media comes out in various common formats including H.264, H.265, RTMP, and several others.

When shooting at night, details will be clear up to 300ft-a decent distance, if you asked us.

One of the best things about PTZ IP POE 8MP Security IP Camera is that it works with so many third apps.

A few noteworthy examples include Security Spy, VLC, Blue Iris, XProtect, and a few NVR systems. 

With such multiple integration platforms, any choice can be a reliable one and that means less hassle.

However, the most recommended NVR is HIKVISION. As for video management software (VMS), the top choices should be iSpy and Blue Iris.

Note: you might need to configure your camera settings to be on the same level as the NVR kit. Here’s an example.

If your NVR supports H.264, then you need to switch the camera to the same format. The same case stands for resolution.

Any mismatch will result in no image recordings.


  • 30x optical zoom
  • Video compressions ability
  • Shoots up to 4K resolution
  • The best max viewing distance: 300ft
  • 3.2mm-96mm motorized lens
  • Power Over Ethernet connection
  • Comes with a low-fee cloud storage service 


  • Compresses video to save space
  • Smooth video playback
  • Vastly compatible with 3rd-party software
  • Sends phone and PC notifications upon motion detection
  • Stellar quality footage
  • Covers a fairly longer distance
  • Can be remote-controlled from a phone or PC


  • There is no client software system for Mac

3. Amcrest 2MP Outdoor PTZ POE Camera

One of the most sophisticated PTZ cameras is Amcrest 2MP Outdoor PTZ POE Camera.

Not only does it capture ultra HD footage but sees through the night with the precision of an owl—thanks to the powerful infrared LED lights.

You can set the camera to send you notifications for abandoned or missing objects.

It can also trigger an alarm to warn intruders.

Although it has a two-way audio channel, you’ll need to connect it to an external speaker in order to talk and listen to visitors.

The camera boasts one of the most robust AI technologies that let you detect what matters.

This means fewer false alarms for incidents such as raindrops, squirrel movement, or shadows. 

Amcrest 2MP Outdoor PTZ POE Camera has one of the biggest zoom scales.

This will, in addition to its facial recognition feature, let you see distant objects clearly.

The camera comes with an SD card slot for storage with an option to back up some of your data through the Amcrest cloud platform.

Besides having multiple flexible storage options, this camera features H.265 compression technology.

This tech ensures high-quality footage that comes in small bytes.

Worth mentioning; if you want a rig that can withstand the ruthless rigors of mother nature, this right here is the camera to go for. 


  • 2MP CMOS sensor
  • 25X optical zoom
  • Power Over Ethernet connectivity
  • Smart motion detection
  • SD card slot
  • Sends real-time intelligence alerts
  • H.265 compression technology
  • SSL and HTTPS encryption protocol


  • Sends intelligence data notifications to PC or smartphone
  • Convenient Amcrest cloud storage
  • Resiliently designed to withstand Mother Nature’s rigors
  • Sees clearly even at night
  • Advanced facial recognition
  • Generous zoom capability


  • It’s a little large and sticks out

4. Tongveo 20X Optical Zoom PTZ Camera

Conventionally, PTZ cameras are mostly used for home and business surveillance.

However, there are other choices for recording conferences, broadcasting church services, and other online streaming works.

An excellent example of such a rig is Tongveo 20X Optical Zoom PTZ Camera.

While your connection would be to blame, Tongveo 20X Optical Zoom comes with several video output modes to make transmission smooth.

In fact, it packs H.264, YUV, and MJPEG video compression technology to reduce media size and facilitate lag-free streaming. 

This camera can be a really convenient workhorse to shoot with.

Despite having multiple connection points and mounting options, it also supports many conferencing apps.

Noteworthy examples include BlueJeans, Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Windows 10, WebEx, and several others.

Unlike most PTZ cameras, you can mount this one in multiple ways.

You can have it up on the ceiling, on the wall, on the desktop, or on a tripod. The choice is yours.


  • 1080p CMOS optical sensor
  • 20x optical zoom
  • SDI, HDMI, USB, and RS-232 connection ports
  • IP remote controller
  • Video compression technology
  • Widely compatible with many conferencing tools


  • A very generous optical zoom
  • Multiple installation ways
  • Excellent white balance
  • Performs amazingly in low-light
  • Multiple video outputs


  • No built-in mic

5. Prisual 30X SDI PTZ Camera

If you do plenty of live broadcasting, conferences, or just want better machine vision for industrial surveillance, a model like Prisual 30X SDI PTZ Camera can be of invaluable help.

Its optical zoom is almost twice as better as Tongveo 20X Optical Zoom PTZ Camera.

This means you get very clear details of members that sit far away.

This camera has one of the best-in-class autofocus systems and its low-light performance is incredible as well.

With both 2D and 3D noise reduction, you can be sure to run disturbance-free broadcasting.

You can choose to live stream with the Prisual 30X SDI PTZ camera in both full HD and 720p.

The cam supports most of the common bit rate formats like H.264, MJPEG, and H.265.

The files can be transferred through HDMI or 3G-SDI ports.

As online customer reviews indicate, Prisual 30X SDI PTZ Camera is one of the few best PTZ camera reviews for wide Angle security for large areas.

If you aim to secure churches, huge boardrooms, and conference halls, this rig won’t disappoint.

The parent company offers a generous warranty service


  • CMOS optical sensor
  • Top-class Autofocus technology
  • 30x optical zoom
  • Full HD resolution
  • HDMI,3G-SDI, and IP connection
  • 2D/3D noise reduction
  • Supports H.264, H.265, and MJPEG bitrate streams


  • Supports live IP streaming
  • Performs great even in low light conditions
  • Multiple video output choices
  • Good heat dissipation for long shooting sessions
  • Shoots fast with incredible noise reduction


  • Bulky and therefore not ideal for small property surveillance 

6. Ctronics Pan Tilt Home PTZ Security Camera 1080P

There are so many good reasons why you may want to go with the Ctronics Pan Tilt Home PTZ Security Camera over any other in this article.

To begin with, this unit is wildly compact and therefore not easily detectable by vandals.

Secondly (and possibly the most motivational), this camera is extremely cheap and yet it shoots in full HD.

At night, it can also deliver crystal-clear colored footage.

However, it is automatically set to shoot in black and white when the sun goes down.

For merely a hundred bucks, Ctronics Pan Tilt Home PTZ Security Camera gives you the two most-needed security features-human detection and motion sensor.

As a matter of fact, its motion sensor and radar detection are very accurate.

Once it detects an intruder, it sends accurate and timely alerts to your phone.

Like other PTZ cameras, this one too pans at 355 degrees, tilts at 95 degrees, and has a 3x digital zoom-not that impressive considering some in this review can go all the way to 30x for optical zoom.

The camera comes with a 2-way audio system for listening as well as communicating with people.

Unfortunately, Ctronics Pan Tilt Home PTZ Security Camera doesn’t have the longest range.

It will remain effective up to 65 feet from the app.

To cut the long story short, this camera is appealing to those who want better surveillance vision, notification alerts, and a high-battery capacity without spending an arm and a leg.


  • PTZ wireless security camera
  • Colored night vision
  • 2-way audio
  • Remote controlled
  • 10000mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery
  • Works only with Android and IOS systems
  • Supports 2.4G wifi
  • Accurate PIR motion sensor
  • SD card storage
  • Sees up to 40 feet in the dark


  • High-capacity battery
  • An accurate motion detection system that reduces false alarms
  • Shoots detail-packed Full HD footage
  • Sends timely alerts in case of intruders
  • Affordably priced PTZ camera for shooting wide-angle views
  • Advanced night vision capability 


  • Has a very short range
  • Lacks optical zoom
  • Doesn’t work with 5G networks
  • Works only with IOS and Android systems

7. Amcrest ProHD PTZ Camera

Another magnificent piece from Amcrest worth checking out is Amcrest ProHD PTZ Camera.

This is a slightly unique camera that is designed to be vandal-resistant.

That aside, it shoots clear images and videos in full HD. This is something many of the product’s past reviewers agree with.

To save on bandwidth and storage space, the camera has both H.264 and H.265 video compression technology.

Obviously, this too means less video processing and faster streaming sessions.

But if you opt for high-clarity footage, you can still get it considering there are multiple data storage options to explore.

Given that it captures between 35 and 105 degrees, such a wider field of view is enough to secure most personal properties.

Thankfully, the camera has a 3x optical zoom that brings an up-close view of subjects without losing clarity.

At night, it puts up a decent fight but only up to 50 feet. At its price point, that’s not bad.

Amcrest ProHD PTZ Camera consists of all the primary security features you can think of-night vision, PTZ responsiveness, and motion alert notifications.

The built-in internal mic produces excellent audio quality. Unfortunately, the audio channel is not a 2-way system.

The biggest problem with Amcrest ProHD PTZ Camera is its software.

Not only does it have compatibility issues with the latest browsers but it might be a lot harder to configure.

Plus, the desktop, mobile, and browser interfaces are very different. That’s a lot of learning for something as simple as a surveillance camera.

But if you can look past (or get) beyond these issues, the camera is totally worth taking for a spin.


  • 2MP PTZ camera
  • STARVIS CMOS image sensor
  • 3X optical zoom
  • Vandal-proof
  • Night vision up to 49 feet
  • IP66 weatherproof
  • Micro SD slot (up to 256GB)
  • Supports Android, IOS, and tablet devices
  • H.264 & H.265 video compression
  • Power Over Ethernet network


  • Shoots high-resolution videos
  • Designed to be vandal proof
  • Can compress videos to save space or speed up the processing
  • Affordably priced
  • Can withstand harsh weather elements
  • Stellar night vision 


  • Night vision covers a shorter range
  • The apps user interface is poor

8. Sony 30X 1080P/60 Ptz Camera

In the electronics world, Sony is inarguably a household name.

As such, it would be unfair to you, our reader if we fail to include one of their excellent PTZ cameras- the Sony 30X 1080P/60 Ptz Camera.

This is a high-end beast that packs an Exmor CMOS sensor with 30x optical zoom.

You are already imagining, doesn’t that shoot excellent details?

Yes, it absolutely does and that is the reason it’s mostly recommended for educational, corporate, and telemedicine applications.

Despite having an already amazing 30x optical zoom, it also boasts an additional 12x digital zoom, and both work together to bring clearly-detailed close-ups of distant objects.

Sony 30X 1080P/60 Ptz Camera pans, tilts, and zooms silently.

It comes with 16 preset camera positions that you can leverage to re-frame shots.

This way, you don’t distract members or presenters.

Harsh lighting and other changing conditions can mess up a presentation with poor-quality graphics.

To prevent such discomfort, this camera is equipped with a unique technology- View-DR.

Its purpose is to boost dynamic range resulting in crystal clear details even in poor lighting.

Another unique technology that makes this camera so special is XDNR. It takes care of noise while shooting still and moving objects.

The outcome? Crisp production.

Sony 30X 1080P/60 Ptz Camera can be mounted either on a desktop or ceiling.

Data transfer happens through the HDMI interface.


  • Exmor CMOS sensor
  • 30x optical zoom
  • Dynamic range-boosting View-DR technology
  • Noise-reducing XDNR technology
  • 16 preset camera positions
  • Can be mounted on a desktop or ceiling
  • Wireless infrared remote


  • Performs reliably even in harsh backlighting
  • Quick and easy to transition a camera from one point to another
  • Versatile connectivity
  • Shoots clearly detailed HD videos
  • Readily available preset camera positions to avoid disturbing an audience


  • Does not support live IP streaming
  • It’s a high-end model and thus costs a pretty penny

9. Reolink Argus PT Security Camera

We all want Alexa and other home assistants to do everything for us, right?

Alexa, who is at the front door? Alexa could you kindly scare that intruder away?

If it were possible we would even ask Alexa to handle all our chores so we can just lazy around, right?

Guess what, you can get a little of that utopian feeling with the Reolink Argus PT Security Camera.

Using simple voice commands, you can get the camera on, off, or show you whoever is outside.

Pretty convenient, don’t you agree?

Its auto-tracking feature leaves nothing to chance. It sticks with subjects and follows them around.

Once the camera detects movements, it flashes warning lights-a feature that makes intruders run away.

For any incident that happens, you will get a real-time email and phone notifications.

You can then decide to utilize the 2-way audio channel to communicate with those inside or outside your property.

Like most Reolink PTZ surveillance cameras for wide-angle viewing, this one too can be preset to patrol in any direction. It all depends on the needs of the user.

You can also set the speed you want it to pan.

Reolink Argus PT Security Camera boasts a powerful 5MP sensor.

It also throws in a 5X optical zoom to ensure you get faithful images of objects as they are in real life.

At night, the views remain ultra-clear thanks to the spotlights-which, by the way, you can turn on and off manually.


  • 2.4 & 5g WiFi
  • 4MP sensor
  • Human and vehicle detection
  • 2K night vision 
  • 5x optical zoom
  • Ip66 waterproof
  • Warning spotlights and siren
  • Supports IOS, Android, and desktops
  • Colored night vision
  • AI motion detection 


  • Decent nighttime shooting range
  • Great quality daytime and nighttime shots
  • Works smoothly with the latest browsers
  • Supports smart home assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Multiple flexible storage options
  • Customizable presets and motion zones
  • Sends real-time alerts when an incident arises
  • Can follow objects
  • Impressive speaker clarity


  • Won’t record over when the card is full

10. S600 3G/4G LTE Solar Powered Camera

Don’t feel like running electric cables all over your house and compound?

If you answered yes, then you might be thrilled by the S600 3g/4G LTE Solar Powered Camera.

Sure, it doesn’t come from well-known brands like Sony. But guess what, it performs exceptionally well.

It shoots in full HD and both its day and night time footage come out super clear.

Like other gems in this review, it too has spotlights that illuminate intruders.

The absence of Wi-Fi and electric cables makes the S600 3g/4G LTE Solar Powered Camera a versatile surveillance tool that you can install anywhere.

It comes with a sim card port and supports 3G and 4G LTE networks.

The problem here is that the camera supports the US, Mexico, and Canadian networks.

You might face incompatibility issues if you are outside the given zones. 

S600 3g/4G LTE Solar Powered Camera features powerful human detection AI that reduces the chances of receiving false alerts.

When an intruder is spotted, an alert is sent to your phone instantly.

Everything aside, this camera is very easy to set up. It might actually be the easiest than all others in this article.

When it comes to storage, the unit supports both cloud and an SD card (up to 128GB).


  • Shoots in 1080p
  • 3X digital zoom
  • Extra-sensitive motion sensor
  • Wi-Fi-free
  • Night vision up to 32ft in the dark
  • IP66 weatherproof
  • App control
  • Two-way talk
  • SD card and cloud storage


  • Cable-free to be placed anywhere
  • Its spotlight scares off intruders
  • Accurate motion detection with little to no false alarms
  • High-capacity battery 
  • Flexible storage options
  • Equipped with a solar for use in areas with no electricity
  • Weatherproof
  • Very easy to set up


  • Lacks optical zoom
  • Short-range night vision 

Worthwhile PTZ Cameras Under $100

Truthfully, high-end PTZ cameras should be the go-to choice for anyone who wants top-notch surveillance.

But if your bank account is a little constricted, you can try the following choices (but be ready to sacrifice a few nifty features):

Boifun Wireless PTZ Camera

If you want to get the best bang for your buck, you should try out Boifun Wireless PTZ Camera.

It’s a solar-powered PTZ camera that shoots 1080p crystal clear footage.

The fact that it comes with a rechargeable battery means you can install it on the far areas of your property where there is no electrical wiring.

Its night vision is stellar and can shoot up to 65ft in the dark.

You get motion detection, real-time notification alerts, and two-way audio communication.

Recordings are stored on an SD card (up to 128GB) as well as a cloud storage service. 

Wondering what you would be trading off if you picked this model over the high-end ones? Well, it’s not a lot.

First, this camera doesn’t have an auto-tracking ability. You can forget about sirens and warning flashlights.

Nevertheless, a way better option than going for a subscription-based door camera.

Jeeber Solar Security Camera

If there is one camera that is going to give others a run for their money, it’s Jeeber Solar Security Camera.

It’s really inexpensive and yet packs some of the best technology like a warning spotlight, siren, color night vision, PIR motion detection, weatherproof, and a 2-way communication channel.

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

That’s not all. The camera shoots in full HD to give you clear footage of intruders.

There is no optical zoom. However, the existing 4X digital zoom still gives nice close-up images of people.

The Jeeber Solar Security Camera could also be a sensible purchase for anyone who already owns cameras that run on the CloudEdge app.

It saves you the trouble of having to install another app.

There are a few downsides obviously.

First, it does not support auto-tracking. Secondly, you cannot connect it to DC power.

Instead, it has a USB port that lets you charge the battery.

Dzees Wireless Camera

You possibly know nothing about a company called Dzees.

Well, you totally want to hear this; the company has been unleashing newer gadgets with updated systems, one of which is Dzees Wireless Camera.

The customer feedback for this camera says it all. Almost every previous reviewer is happy they bought this rig.

For around $100 bucks, it delivers brilliantly visible pictures both day and night.

When the sun sets, it uses flashlights to not only help you see better but to scare off intruders as well.

You can remotely control Dzees Wireless Camera to position it properly or scout for uninvited guests. It pans at 355 degrees and tilts up to 90 degrees.

There is no optical zoom. However, its 4X digital zoom will make sure you get closer views of objects. 

For a small subscription fee, you can let the camera access advanced AI capabilities to differentiate pets, packages, and vehicles from human beings.

An alarm system will go off and notifications sent right to your phone in case of an incident.

While it all depends on the signal strength of the Wi-Fi, notifications may be sent faster on iPhones than on Android devices. 

Other noteworthy features of Dzees Wireless Camera include a high-capacity battery, color night vision, cloud/SD card storage, noise reduction, and a built-in speaker and mic.

Without a doubt, we can all agree that this camera, right here, is a steal.

MUBILIFE 360° Outdoor PTZ Camera for Home Security

Yes, yes, it’s been a long list, we know.

But you don’t want to miss this last rig- MUBILIFE 360° Outdoor PTZ Camera for Home Security.

Like Dzees Wireless Camera above, this one too is a 5-star rated unit with a truckload of positive reviews from previous users.

The camera is highly praised for delivering superior day and night views.

At night, you can opt for either black and white or colored footage.

Its AI motion detector is advanced and you don’t need to subscribe to its software for it to distinguish objects. It naturally does that.

Panning at 355 degrees and a tilt of up to 90 degrees, this camera lets you have all-around surveillance of your property.

Plus, you can configure up to 5 location presets for places in your home that you need frequent monitoring. 

At its price point, MUBILIFE 360° Outdoor PTZ Camera sure does shoot at long ranges (up to 100 feet). This is a feat some of the high-end models in this article fail to reach.

There is no optical zoom but the existing 4X digital zoom still provides clear details of distant objects.

This camera has one of the best AI motion detection technologies. It fires up rapidly whenever it detects motions and sends notification alerts within 0.2-5 seconds.

You don’t need to worry about false alarms because it can tell apart a cat from a human being or a vehicle. 

Like other sophisticated PTZ surveillance systems, it too has a warning flashlight and a two-way audio system.

When it comes to storage, the camera supports an SD card of up to 128GB.

The cloud storage option is available as well and for free. You only need to subscribe if you need a longer loop-recording span.

Factors to Consider Before Buying PTZ Cameras

Best PTZ camera on the market

Unlike ordinary cameras, PTZ models are completely different.

You don’t want to rush and realize later that there is something important you should have considered.

To help you pick the right choice, bear the following in mind:

Real-time conversations

Real-time conversation is one of the important features of PTZ cameras-especially those meant for home surveillance.

Suppose the nanny is mercilessly whooping your kid or an intruder just entered your compound, you may want to scream at them with a warning.

This can save you from having to make a trip back to your property since the issue has already been resolved.


The point of having a security camera is to clearly see who or what the intruder is.

Thankfully, many surveillance PTZ systems have better, if not decent resolution capabilities.

You need to prioritize those whose pixels don’t downgrade during nighttime as that is the time when most intruders surface.

Generally, the bigger the megapixel number, the greater the camera will be at displaying objects.


PTZ systems stream data straight to monitoring devices. Therefore, you might want to consider those with Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports in order to live-stream incidents.

Additionally, it would be great if a camera has HDMI, USB, SDI, and other common ports for easy data transfer.

Recording over

Best wide-angle PTZ camera for security

The essence of having a security system is to get regular updates on current events.

Unfortunately, some cameras will stop recording once the storage capacity has reached its limit.

However, the best PTZ cameras should be able to dump old data and continue recording the latest events.

This way, you are always up-to-date with recent occurrences.  


While PTZ cameras are designed to sweep in almost all directions, you still need to be able to preset it to areas you feel need priority.

This level of freedom lets you patrol highly sensitive areas and get notifications in case an object under observation gets moved.


Ultimately, your financial standing will determine what kind of camera you will settle for.

A decent PTZ camera costs around $200.

Top models, on the other hand, can go upwards of $500 and they sure pack outstanding features and are designed to last way longer.

Here’s the bottom line; you need to think about your needs.

If you want to shoot high-definition conference videos or want to secure a bigger property, a high-end system is mandatory.

However, there is no point in spending money on an expensive rig when you intend to cover a small area.

Customer service

You see, buying a surveillance system is different from buying shoes. You don’t need to contact the seller once your sneakers fit nicely.

However, with PTZ cameras, you might need the help of the seller to configure the camera, inquire about compatibility or solve cloud storage problems.

As such, you need to pay close attention to the reputation of a brand before buying one of their gadgets.  

Frequently Asked Questions

u003cstrongu003eWhich PTZ camera is best?u003c/strongu003e

When it comes to the best PTZ camera, noteworthy names include Sony SRG-300H, Sony BRC-X1000, Mevo Start, Logitech PTZ Pro 2, Panasonic AW-UE4, Datavideo, Canon CR-N500, and several others.

u003cstrongu003eHow much zoom do I need for a PTZ camera?u003c/strongu003e

Most PTZ cameras come with optical zoom that lets viewers get a close picture of objects that are far away. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eUsually, the bigger the number, the better camera will be at viewing faraway objects.

u003cstrongu003eDo PTZ cameras follow motion?u003c/strongu003e

With an auto-tracking feature, any PTZ camera can follow its subjects while within the field of view. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe smart tracking mode intelligently identifies targets based on their shapes and sizes to decide if they are worth following or not. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAdvanced AI systems will ignore things like animals, flying papers, etc.

u003cstrongu003eHow does one connect a PTZ camera to a security system?u003c/strongu003e

Well, frankly the answer here will vary depending on your security system setup as well as your PTZ camera model. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eHowever, many PTZ cameras are linked to a DVR or a CCTV. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eBut you don’t need to worry since many companies include installation manuals in the package to help along the way.

u003cstrongu003eAre PTZ Cameras vandal-proof?u003c/strongu003e

Every company would want to tell you how vandal-proof their cameras are but that’s not usually the case. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eClearly, many systems boast robust exteriors with excellent weatherproofing but that doesn’t make them immune to theft.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eTo avoid someone from stealing or messing with your cameras, set them very high above the ground-preferably 10 feet from the ground. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThis way, it would take a lot of effort to mess them up. 

u003cstrongu003eWhat features define the best PTZ cameras for surveillance?u003c/strongu003e

It all comes down to what you need. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eFor some people, an alarm trigger system, timely notifications, motion sensors, connectivity, and better day and night visuals are enough. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eHowever, features like optical zoom, communication channels, and noise reduction can be important as well.

Final Thoughts

Ideally, the best PTZ camera should be able to pan, tilt, and zoom while delivering the clearest footage possible.

It should also have an in-built mic so you can talk to intruders.

An alarm system, flashing lights, and the ability to follow subjects should be considered as well.

To help you get started the right way, this article has listed a few worthwhile choices you can go with.

We hope you find the one that fits both your budget and needs.

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