The Best 3 Used DSLR Cameras for Beginners

Are you ready for more extensive, better capabilities when you take pictures?

A DSLR camera is perfect, but it’s essential to find the right camera.

Read on to learn more about the best used DSLR if you’re ready for the next step.

Could a Used DSLR Camera Be Right for You?

If you’re a beginner in photography, a second-hand DSLR camera could be a fantastic choice.

There are many good reasons to select a used camera.

One of the most significant reasons is that you will save money while having access to all the features needed for your business or hobby.

Another one of the most important reasons to consider a used camera is that better retailers provide return policies and product warranties that give you confidence in your purchase.

Even if you are buying a camera without handling it personally before purchasing, you can be sure of having made a good choice.

Beginners have different needs than professionals, and you want to make sure your chosen camera suits these needs.

Which DSLR Camera Most Beginner-Friendly?

Buyers looking for their first DSLR camera will have a lot of choices in the used camera market.

There are many manufacturers in the digital photography business, including traditional camera brands and electronics manufacturers newer to photography.

However, three manufacturers, Nikon, Canon, and Pentax, stand out from many of the other companies.

These manufacturers produce high-quality cameras, and their models have some of the features in the highest demand.

Nikon, Canon, and Pentax also offer a range of user-friendly features.

Reading on will help you decide which camera might be your best choice.

Nikon D700 – Best Camera for All Conditions

The Nikon D700 is a camera suitable for beginners and professionals alike, which is still in high demand.

The camera’s highlights include a 12.1-megapixel CMOS, 51 AF points, 200 to 6400 ISO range, a Scene Recognition System, and a Picture Control System.

This Nikon’s range of features is ideal for everything from action shots to portraits.

With features that recognize the type of scene in the frame and the ability to adapt to a range of lighting conditions, beginners will have no problem getting quality shots.


  • Micro-contrast is on par with the more expensive cameras
  • Convenient file size when photos are transferred to a computer
  • Compatible with several film-era Nikon lenses
  • Excellent color rendition
  • Sturdy yet compact


  • Lacks video capabilities

Canon EOS 77D – Best Camera for Image-Sharing

This Canon model is one of the best choices for beginners because of its range of helpful features.

The 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor helps provide high-quality images, and you can also take HDR and time-lapse videos.

Storage is easy with the use of SDXC flash memory.

One of the things that you’re likely to enjoy is the range of sharing options made possible through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.


  • Canon app makes wireless connections a breeze
  • Touchscreen makes changing your settings effortless
  • 45 AF points exceed many users’ expectations


  • The touchscreen is a little sensitive sometimes

Pentax K-3 II – Best Bargain Camera for Dedicated Users

The Pentax K-3 II boasts a 16.3 megapixel CMOS sensor that easily stands up to the demands of anyone who wants the best from their camera.

Features include an 80 to 51,200 ISO range and a three-inch LCD screen.

This camera boasts a stabilization system that reduces the effects of shaking.

The design is cold-proof and weather-sealed to make it ideal for action shots.


  • Consistently takes clear pictures with excellent color
  • Handles video recording very well
  • Get about 1,000 pictures from a single battery charge
  • Takes excellent low-light pictures without the need for a flash


  • The resolution may be a little low if you’re looking to experiment with professional photography

What to Look for When Buying a Used Camera

If you’ve already decided that a DSLR camera is right for you, you’ve made a good choice.

However, there are some things to look for when making your choice that is covered below:

Where You Can Find Expert-Tested Cameras

If you buy your camera from a reputable electronics seller, there is a good chance that it has already been tested.

Most of these types of sellers also offer return and warranty policies that provide buyers with more excellent protection.

Access to repairs or replacements can help provide needed peace of mind.

Possible Damage to Check For

A visual inspection before use will help you find possible problems.

Ensure the lenses and terminals are free of damage, including cracks, and look for mold or fungus that indicates previous water damage.

Undetected damage could lead to malfunction.

Checking for Functionality?

Ensure that the camera accepts memory cards and lenses without any issues.

Make sure the LCD display is functional, as well as the flash and autofocus features.

There are few things more frustrating than having a feature malfunction during use!

Ensure the Battery Holds a Charge

Charge the camera to make sure that at least 85% of the battery power holds once charged.

Pay close attention to how quickly the battery runs down during use.

A battery that does not hold a sufficient charge will require replacement sooner.

Don’t Forget the Shutter Count

Check the manual that came with your camera or the version available online for a shutter count.

You can expect a used camera to average an actuation of about 50-60,000.

When you have an accurate shutter count estimate, you will have a better idea of how long the camera will last.

Final Thoughts

Always making sure that you make informed choices will help you get the most from your purchase.

Checking one of the manuals online first will help give you a better idea of how the features work and what you must do to check them out.

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