How To Remove Stickers From Photos on an iPhone

The iPhone has several distinctive features, including a photo app.

The iPhone photo app offers the user a variety of options for editing photos to make them look as appealing as possible while still conveying the ideas and emotions they want.

Many users have turned to stickers, which can be applied to images to convey a specific sentiment or sensation at that precise moment to convey information.

The iPhone picture app has a range of stickers for everyone’s needs.

What Is an iPhone Sticker?

How to Remove Emojis and Stickers from Picture on iPhone

Custom photo stickers are a unique and entertaining way to share your favorite pictures of your loved ones, friends, and animals with people while also conveying your feelings at the time.

One only needs to upload the sticker to a photo and place it where one wants it to appear.

According to tradition, stickers are used for amusement, adornment, advertising, and sometimes to express one’s emotions.

How To Remove Stickers From Photos on an iPhone

Even though utilizing these stickers is entertaining and exciting, some may grow to dislike them or even desire to edit or remove them from pictures.

This is primarily facilitated by using several apps that enable quick sticker removal.

 In light of that, here are several techniques for removing stickers from photographs.

Additionally, there are online tools that can take stickers off of pictures.

You don’t need to download or install anything, which is effortless. Visit the website, upload the photo, and remove or erase the sticker.

Online Eraser Tools

You can use the following internet solutions to get rid of stickers from your images without having to download any apps to your phone:

1. PicWish Online Photo Editor

Using PicWish, you can eliminate undesired items accurately and without charge in a few touches.

This online program allows you to remove any object from your shot, including toys and stickers.

Using the tool’s object removal feature and cutting-edge AI technology, you can quickly remove stickers from a photo.

Follow these simple steps to remove any unwanted stickers using PicWish:

  • To add a picture, launch your browser and click the “Upload Image” button.
  • To highlight the undesired things, use one of the image removal tools.
  • For your file to be processed, click “Erase.”
  • Click “Download” when finished.

2. Apowersoft Eraser

With the help of this background removal tool, your object will become transparent.

In this manner, stickers can be taken off the image. To replace the outdated background template, you must install a new one.

Follow these simple steps to remove any unwanted stickers using Apowersoft:

  • Go to your preferred browser and select the appropriate classification before uploading the picture.
  • The program will automatically deduct the undesired object and backdrop.
  • Add a new background for your image after that.
  • To save your modified file, click “Download” at the very end.

3. WebinPaint

With the nearby pixels, the erased area is filled in using a unique technique by this online application.

Whatever the flaw in your photo—a sticker, an intrusive person, writing, or logo you may quickly delete it.

It’s also simple to use and obtain. You can begin using it as soon as you have an iPhone and an internet connection.

The fact that it doesn’t permit batch processing of photographs is, in our opinion, a drawback.

It not only removes undesired items from images quite effectively, but it is also straightforward to use.

It is a user-friendly and simple tool compared to sophisticated graphics programs.

You may obtain excellent results that are on par with those produced by sophisticated tools using only simple image editing skills.

4. Fotor

It can be used to take stickers off of pictures. You may easily remove stickers from the website with little effort.

The fact that it is an entire photo editor is the best feature.

Almost any adjustment can be made to your photographs. There is a simple free trial available with basic features.

Using Apps Installed on your iPhone

How to remove an emoji from photos?

You may take a step closer to removing those unwanted stickers from your images by getting the best photo editing applications.

The top photo editing applications are listed below, so you can pick the one that best suits you and get rid of those stickers.

1. Snapseed

With its extensive feature set and user-friendly interface, Snapseed rivals desktop picture editors.

It is a mobile app on Android and iOS devices that can delete stickers from pictures.

It contains a healing tool that makes removing unwanted information from images quick and simple.

In addition, you can edit your shot with robust tools like filters, tools for color correction, white balance, and many others.

Snapseed is highly recommended if you wish to edit your images on a mobile device. You may get the application from the Apple app store.

Below are easy-to-follow steps when removing stickers using Snapseed:

  • After installation, launch the program and select the + symbol to add the desired photo.
  • Tap the “Tools” option, then the “Healing” symbol.
  • When you choose a sticker you want to remove, it automatically disappears.
  • To export the picture to your smartphone, select the checkbox.

2. AirBrush

This program works well for erasing stickers from pictures.

Once you’ve applied it, you can immediately remove the region with the eraser tool. It can help you eliminate various unwanted elements from your photos.

With a few clicks, your images can be edited and enhanced using this program.

You can also experiment with several other effects, such as blurring, resizing, retouching, stretching, and applying filters.

By using this program, you can learn how to remove stickers from a picture because it is easy to use:

  • Install the app from the Apple app store.
  • Select the emoji portions you want to remove from your picture by going to “Tools” > “Erase” Wait for the application to erase the indicated section automatically.
  • Tap the check icon and save your image to your iPhone

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

It condenses a few of the best editing capabilities from Photoshop into a mobile app.

And despite giving tons of technical tools, this free image editing program is easy to use on a little touchscreen.

You may get it from the Apple app store and install it.

Upload a picture from your device or select one from your Adobe Creative Cloud account, then utilize the editing tool to start editing and remove the undesired stickers.

A free Adobe ID account must be created before using Adobe Photoshop Express.

Once you’re done editing, save the image to your device or post it on a different social media platform.


In addition to filters, the program contains all the other standard editing features, including edits, cropping, border, and vignettes.

Using its extensive editing capabilities, you may edit your images and remove undesirable stickers.

Download the app from the Apple app store to get all these fantastic features.

You can upload your edited photo to Instagram or another social network after sharing it with the VSCO forum.

The app’s built-in share feature, integrated into it, enables you to share content even on WhatsApp and SMS.

5. Bazaart

Bazaart can help you improve your photos by adding special features and effects if you want to do much more with it than erase imperfections from your most recent selfie or other images.

You can get the app by downloading it from the Apple app store for free.

Bazaart is an excellent tool for beginners just starting to learn about the world of phone editing, thanks to features like quick background removal and themes.

This makes removing those unpleasant stickers from an iPhone even more effective.


Here are some of the pressing concerns that people usually have on the matter:

Are The Picture Qualities Affected by Editing Apps?

The picture quality is always maintained regardless of the intended resolution, and the image’s clarity never deteriorates.

u003cstrongu003eAre all Photo Editing Apps Compatible With an iPhone?u003c/strongu003e

Some applications have been compatible with iOS users giving them access and experience to some of the best features. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eBut not all of them are compatible with iPhones based on the iOs version; others are just made for the android operating system.

u003cstrongu003eCan I Use Online Tools To Remove Stickers Using an iPhone?u003c/strongu003e

Most online tools work on iPhone browsers, so you can use them to remove stickers and save the images on your device.

Final Thoughts

All of the tools mentioned above are available for usage.

These tools will undoubtedly come in handy when you want to capture fantastic images without unsightly stickers quickly.

The tips mentioned above may be helpful when removing the stickers and getting those perfect shots.

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