Which Live Streaming Platform Pays the Most?

Who would have thought that going live online in front of people can earn you money? A lot of people don’t believe this is possible.

They’re usually surprised to learn that it has become one of the most popular ways to get paid online.

Some live streaming platforms pay more than others.

So, which live streaming platform pays the most? Bigo Live is currently the highest-paying live streaming app on the market. However, there are several other platforms that also pay well.

How much do the various live streaming platforms pay?

How can you make money through live streaming?

Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a live streaming app that is compatible with all devices. The brand is one of the fastest-developing technology companies in Singapore, and are very popular for their video-based products and services.

Bigo has consumers in over 150 countries globally, and Bigo Live is a massive part of this worldwide success.

Here, you have the freedom to go game live or showbiz live and be as entertaining and interactive as possible. You can go live with Fortnite, call of duty, Pubg mobile, and many others.

You can purchase 42 diamonds for $0.99, and every diamond is worth $0.02357. Furthermore, you receive gifts such as beans that are equivalent to diamonds. So, one bean means one diamond.

To redeem your beans and diamonds, you have to cross the threshold of a certain amount.

Every bean is multiplied by $0.0235. 210 beans are the same as 210 diamonds, which are equivalent to 4.95 dollars. So, in return for 210 beans, you get $1.

However, smoking, vulgarity, and nudity are strictly prohibited on the platform. If you disregard or violate any of the platform’s rules, your account could be and will be banned.

Moderators inspect the users and their activities 24/7, making sure all is legal and safe under your supervision.

Plus, third-party top-ups are also not appreciated by Bigo Live.

Even though Bigo Live is a popular, well-paying platform, it’s not the only one. There are other live streaming apps on the market that are paying their live streamers well.

LiveMe- video chat, new friends, and make money

You can download this app on any device, be it Android or iOS. The brand aims to create interactive connections between people and audiences from different parts of the world.

live streaming platforms with the best payouts

Musicians, actors, DJs, singers, comedians, storytellers, all have something to do here.

Every content creator that can entertain its audience can earn money.

In 2018, LiveMe was ranked as one of the Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies.

Furthermore, LiveMe has internationally well-known partners such as ColorPop, Samsung Huawei, 20th-century fox, and many more.

This excellent platform offers virtual festivals, informative content, and job opportunities. When you hop on to the website, you will see a button on the top right corner of the screen.

This button will allow you to either sign in as a viewer or register as a live streamer.

In terms of payment, you can purchase 69 coins for 0.99$, and every coin is worth 0.01435 dollars. On 405 diamonds, you get $1. When you reach the threshold of 20250 diamonds, you can cash out an amount of 50 dollars.

So, 405 diamonds are equal to 405 points, which makes them worth 5.81 dollars. And for every 5.81 dollars purchase, you get cash out of $1.

FaceCast- Live Video Chat $ Meet

This particular app aims to connect people through several different activities. These include games, live chats, creating content, and interacting with people worldwide.

FaceCast is one of the most popular global live video communities, and the young population has been in love with it.

It is especially adored for its short videos, random video chats, interactive content, and live broadcasts. In over 150 countries in the world, FaceCast is a huge hit and is not only entertaining people but is also helping talented entertainers to earn.

The app offers over ten languages, including German, English, French, and Japanese.

Several other unique features of the app include diverse functions, global coverage, personal marketing, improving your social circle, and exciting content.

Furthermore, the platform offers excellent privacy protection and security for you, your personal information, and your content.

For earning, every purchase of 0.99 dollars gives you 60 diamonds. Every diamond is worth 0.0165 dollars.

When you reach a threshold of 10,000 coins, you can redeem $50, meaning that 200 coins give you $1. 200 coins are the same as 200 diamonds, which makes them worth 3.3 dollars.

So, you can redeem $1 for every 3.3 dollar purchase.

Uplive- live video streaming app

Again, this app is available for download on all devices. Uplive came into the market in May 2016 and has been a huge hit ever since.

People love it for its powerful international resources, worldwide user groups, and brilliant host resources.

what platform pays the most for live streaming

Uplive intends to establish a live platform for global users where talented celebrities, creators, and models can entertain their audience.

Uplive is an influential talent agency that is quickly becoming popular. The reason behind it is that audiences are entertained, and creators get the right amount of money to be there.

If you want to be one of these people, you can hop onto the platform and sign up as a live streamer.

The earning procedure goes something like this:

You can purchase 42 diamonds for 0.99 dollars. It means that one diamond is equal to 0.02357 dollars. Apart from this, you also get gifts in the form of coins that are equivalent to diamonds.

For every 160 coins, you get $1, meaning that 160 coins are equal to 160 diamonds, making them worth 3.77 dollars. Thus, every 3.77 dollar purchase gives you $1 cash out.

How can you make money through live streaming?

You can make money through live streaming in many ways. A lot of apps pay you for your content. If you have gained some following, some fans will give donations. You can also earn through affiliates and sponsored content.

Paying apps

Many apps pay you themselves for creating content and entertaining the audience. They do this is because your content keeps the audience or cooked through their platform and makes them money.

the highest paying live streaming platform

So, technically, you are working as an employee for them.

It is one of the most popular strategies applications use to get a wider audience, higher popularity, and more business. International, well-reputable companies and apps are a great way to get started.

There is a minimum chance of scam and a higher chance to grow while making your pocket money.

However, many people who have great content, and put all their effort into their work, make much more than just pocket money.

Fan donations and tips

If you have a healthy, interactive relationship with your audience and followers, do not shame asking them for donations.

payment on live streaming platform

You are an entertainer, and if your audience wants you to grow, they would be delighted to help you financially. It could be as small a contribution as a dollar each; even the smallest amount will help you.

There is, however, a right way and a wrong way to do this. Make sure you tell them that you appreciate it, but don’t sound like you’re begging.

Focus on your content, make it worthwhile, and only a few reminders from you will motivate your fan following to pitch in.

Ads and sponsored content

When you reach a certain threshold or an amount of audience, brands see you as a potential marketing strategy. They know that you can reach out to more people than they can because you have an interactive viewership that listens to you and trusts you.

Thus, remember that your audience is your fundamental element. Keep the following genuine, interactive, and be completely honest with them.

As for the ads and sponsorships, brands pay you to post their ads on your live streams or promote their products or services while you talk to your audience. You may charge per ad or any way you wish.

Affiliate work

When you are an affiliate with a particular brand or company, it is more than just marketing their products and publicizing them.

which live streaming platform has the highest pay

If you are a member of an affiliate program, it is your job to make a sale for them, and you get a commission out of every sale you make.

Doing so helps you get your contribution and make extra money while you do your thing. However, like everything else, there is also a proper way to do this, along with specific rules and regulations regarding affiliate sales.

Final Thoughts

Content creation has been an attractive way of earning extra bucks for a long time now.

However, in the last few years, many content creators have taken it as a full-time job and are getting all of their earnings from online content creation.

Live streaming has recently come into the same market and is one of the most popular ways to earn money online.

There are different ways you can earn through this procedure and many platforms you can go on to, many of which are mentioned above.

Thus, with all of this information, you have nothing to wait for and nothing stopping you.

Get your gear and live stream!

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