Best Flash For Sony A7III and A7RIII

Are you looking to invest in a new camera flash but feeling paralyzed by the sheer number of choices?

We’ve done our homework, so you don’t have to.

This article provides an honest review of the top 5 speedlights for any budget, including the best flash for your Sony A7III, A7RIII, A7RIV, A7SIII, A9, and the Sony Alpha 1.

Our Top Speedlite Picks “In a Flash”

Godox V860III
Best Overall
  • Great battery life (upgraded Li-on)
  • Modeling light for previews
  • Quick switch for faster shooting
  • Quick-release lock
  • 2.4G wireless X system
Runner Up
  • Includes many different modes
  • Creative lighting effects are possible
  • Overheat protection
  • Good battery life
Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite
Best Budget


We also highlight the specifications, strengths, and weaknesses of every unit on the list.

Additionally, you’ll find useful, instant tips to enhance your flash photography.

Lastly, we’ll share must-know flash-buying beginner tips and answer the most vexing questions about camera flashes.

Top 5 Flashes For Sony A7R III, A7 III, A7R IV, A7S III (For Every Budget)


Godox V860III-S Camera Speedlight for Sony Cameras

1. Sony HVL-F45RM

The HVL-F45RM is a compact yet robust flash for your Sony alpha camera. It’s practically a portable lighthouse, delivering an output of up to GN45.

Wireless communication and multi-flash shooting make the HVL-F45RM suitable for all professional applications.

This Sony flash strobe has automatic white balance adjustment and HSS, enabling higher apertures while maintaining proper illumination.

It can also function both as a transmitter and receiver at up to 98 feet or nearly 30 meters.

In case you need highly creative lighting setups, the F45RM can work in sync with no less than 15 units in up to 5 groups.

We particularly love the small size, high performance, and great flexibility.

In our humble opinion, this is the overall best flash unit for sony a7iii in 2021.

It can significantly enhance the quality of your images and is well-built.

Consequently, you can use it both in the studio and as an outdoor flash.

Included in the package, we also get a carrying case, a mini-stand, and a connector protection cap.


  • Exposure: Auto and Manual
  • Power Source: 4 x AA Alkaline or Ni-MH batteries (included)
  • External Connector: Sync Terminal
  • Wireless Functions: Master, Slave
  • Dust & Moisture Resistant
  • Fully Rotatable Head
  • Fantastic Navigation
  • Compact, Powerful & Customizable
  • A Bit Pricey
  • Lack of IR Focus

2. Eachshot Godox TT350S 2.4G HSS

The Godox TT350S flash is an incredible value product for your Sony A7iii, Sony A7R ii, or any other TTL Autoflash compatible Sony alpha mirrorless camera.

That’s why it has earned its place as our second-best overall choice.

The flash head is powered by dual AA batteries, making the unit lightweight and reducing fatigue when shooting.

There is also overheat protection and 22 stages of power output.

The High-Speed Sync feature allows for shallow depth of field with sync speeds of up to 1/8000 seconds.

Like the Neewer flash next on the list, the Godox TT350S is available in a Canon version.

Complete 2.4G Wireless Transmission offers Master and Slave functionality and up to three controllable groups.

As for maximum output, the Speedlite is rated at GN36.

The Godox TT350S comes complete with a protection bag, color filter, mini stand, and user manual.

While the product might not have a Sony flash’s quality control, it certainly provides excellent value and stellar image quality, entirely on par with products much above its price range.


  • Exposure: Automatic and Manual Mode
  • Power Source: 2 x AA Ni-MH Batteries (recommended) or 2 x LR6 Alkaline Batteries
  • External Connector: 3.5 mm Flash Sync Port
  • Wireless Functions: Master or Slave
  • Savage Performance to Price Ratio
  • Front/Rear Curtain Sync
  • Weighs Only 200g Without Batteries
  • 0.1-2.2 Second Recycle Time
  • Some Users Report Misfiring
  • Sleep Function can be a Pain
  • Might Not Outlive a Sony Product

The Best Budget Flash For Sony Mirrorless Cameras

3. Neewer HSS TTL NW880S

Neewer has knock it out of the park with the NW880S Speedlite.

This model provides a blinding maximum output of GN60, which can be modified in 8 steps.

The flash has all the bells and whistles you’d ever need, such as TTL, master/slave, multi, and flash exposure compensation.

It offers 32 channels to pick from and can control other units in up to 4 groups.

Newer HSS TLL NW880S runs off 4 AA batteries that provide up to 230 flashes at maximum power.

The recycle time is between 0.1 and 2.6 seconds, which is not too shabby at all.

The device has Hyper Speed Sync, which enables wide-open apertures even while using flash.

Pro Tip: Knowing your equipment well and learning the proper technique will help you maximize the results.

For example, by slowing the shutter speed drastically, you can capture more ambient light.

This results in a dramatically different image, indoor as well as outside.

Although the Speedlite doesn’t come shipped with batteries, we do get a decent softbox along with 20 color filters and an S-type bracket mount in the package.

The softbox has two diffusers, and there is also a carrying case included.

All of its fortes aside, the NW880S is notorious for being juice-thirsty, which means either draining through batteries in no time or investing in expensive premium-quality batteries.


  • Exposure: TTL Auto and Manual Flash
  • Power Source: 4 x NiMH (Eneloop Pro or similar recommended)
  • External Connector: Sync Terminal
  • Wireless Functions: Master and Slave
  • Includes Softbox
  • A Steal for the Money
  • GN60 is Plenty of Power
  • Versatile Bundle for Creative Use
  • Not Many Power Steps
  • Directions Hard to Understand
  • Needs Expensive Batteries

One Of The Best OEM Sony Flashes Money Can Buy

4. Sony HVL-F60RM

The HVL-F60RM is the big brother of the F40RM and should need no further introduction.

For the uninitiated, this is the flagship flash unit from Sony.

If reliability and high performance are critical, you can’t go wrong with OEM.

The F60RM provides a retina-melting GN60, combined with reliable wireless operation.

The high-speed continuous shooting support should satisfy the needs of most working professionals.

Thanks to the High-Speed Sync function, we can use fast shutter speeds and get shallow Depth of Field in practically any lighting conditions.

Just like its little brother, the F60RM can handle up to 15 units in 5 groups.

It runs off 4 AA batteries and provides up to 220 emissions at full throttle.

The flash head spins and tilts freely to provide flexibility in any scenario.

However, even the most pricey light on the list is not perfect.

Amongst the main points of critique, users mention the somewhat flimsy plastic shoe mount that tends to break.

A repair is a costly affair, although Sugru, Gaffa, and contact glue might save the day.

Additionally, the wireless flash functionality only allows syncing to one master, which could be a problem in some applications.

Syncing to multiple masters would require optical mode.

The flash unit works with a wide range of cameras, and not only with the alpha models such as Sony a7, a6000, Sony a7ii, or a7s iii.

Finally, the box contains two color filters, a bounce adaptor, and a connector protection cap.

Of course, there is the standard carrying pouch and mini-stand as well.


  • Exposure: Automatic & Manual
  • Power Source: 4 X NiMH or Alkaline Batteries
  • External Connector: Sync Terminal
  • Wireless Functions: Master, Slave
  • High Power Output
  • 0.6 s Recycle Time with FA-EBA1 (optional)
  • Reliable & Flexible
  • Plastic Shoe Mount
  • Wireless Limited to One Master
  • High Price Tag

Best Flashes For Sony – A Capable Top 5 Pick

5. Godox V1-S Flash

Finally, let us ’round off’ the list with a round-headed TTL flash from Godox.

Although it’s placed fifth, it might as well be your favorite, depending on your preferences.

The unit is entirely capable of soft, professional-looking lighting with adjustable temperature.

It has multi-mode and all the wireless functionality and advanced features you might wish for.

Godox won’t disclose the Guide Number of the V1-S camera flash, but various online sources indicate GN28 @ ISO 100 and 50mm.

While this is not overly powerful, it should be sufficient for most needs.

The core strengths of the Godox V-1 are its ridiculously short recycle times, robust build quality, and long-lasting battery.

Furthermore, there is also an IR-based Autofocus assist and ten power steps.

The V-1S is, of course, only compatible with Sony, as indicated by the S.

However, it’s also available for Canon, Nikon, and even your Fujifilm camera, named V-1C, N, or F, accordingly.

It’s worth pointing out that while the S variant has a plastic hotshoe, the Canon version has a metal one.

With that said, this is the best non-OEM flash for the Sony A7R III, Sony A7rii, or even the Sony a7 ii, in our opinion.

However, it’s not necessarily the best value, which is why it’s placed fifth.

This particular V1S bundle comes with the extensive Godox AK-R1 Accessories Kit, including magnetically attached modifiers and other useful goodies.

There is also a hard carrying case that offers drop protection.


  • Exposure: Auto and Manual
  • Power Source: Proprietary Rechargeable Battery
  • External Connector: 2.5mm sync port
  • Wireless Functions: Master, Slave
  • Great Build Quality
  • Short Recycle Time
  • Up to 480 Full Power Flashes
  • Infra-red AF Assist
  • Somewhat Heavy at 530g incl. the 100g Battery
  • No Dust & Water Resistance
  • Plastic Shoe Mount
  • Some Users Report Receiving the Wrong Version

Factors To Consider When Shopping For a New Camera Flash

Think of a flash as a business investment.

It can make a massive difference in your image quality in low light, make your clients happier, justify better pricing, and even make you appear more professional.

(Yes, sometimes it actually matters).

Here are the most important things to consider when picking a Sony camera flash.


Will you be doing concerts or intimate portrait shoots in dimly lit places?

Figure out how much juice is enough to light up your typical subject properly.

While too much power is rarely an issue, ensure that you have enough to make it matter.

Recycle Rate

Once again, be strategic and think ahead.

Will you be rapidly firing daily, or is your camera permanently stuck in single-shot mode?

Fast recycle times will enable well-lit quick captures in succession.

Basic Flash Features

Are the absolute flash mode basics covered?

How many power steps do you need?

Consider things like tilting angles and adjustable temperature.

Post-processing can be a nightmare if your color temperature is inconsistent throughout the scene.

Advanced Flash Features

Some flashes can’t radio sync to more than one master, which can be detrimental during some gigs.

If you need advanced features, ensure that your chosen product has them before you click buy.

Pro Tip: For some niches such as sports photography (where a Sony A9 sensor or Sony A1 excels), it can be a tremendous advantage to have full control over multiple cameras and flash triggers simultaneously.

PocketWizard products have incredibly long ranges and can enable you to take otherwise unattainable shots.


Budget can be a deciding factor.

While you can deduct business expenses as a professional photographer, it’s entirely possible to get outstanding performance on a budget.

Determine how much you’re willing to spend before you start searching.

Build Quality and Durability

It’s essential to consider the ruggedness of your new Speedlite.

Will you be shooting in dusty or damp environments?

If you just need a studio flash, perhaps water resistance is not that important, after all.

Pay special attention to things like shoe mounts, too.

Adjustable Color Temperature

With multiple light sources in a scene, it’s vital to match the color temperature.

Editing becomes a breeze as you can globally adjust the temperature across the whole shot.

Unless, of course, you’re deliberately going for an artistic effect with extreme opposites.

New vs. Pre-owned

There are pros and cons to buying new and shopping second-hand.

With a new device, you get a warranty and the pleasant experience of a brand-new product.

With used, you might get better value for money, but potentially less lifetime left in the unit.

You also get other people’s scratches, included free of charge.

User Feedback

It’s critical to check what other photographers say.

Make sure you read not only the 5-star reviews but also the 1 and 2 stars.

There might be non-negotiable aspects of the flash that are not on par with your needs and expectations.

In this case, you might be better off picking another one.

Final Thoughts

As photographers, we’ve come to be quite spoiled in terms of the amount of equipment choice we have, including camera flashes.

With this review article, you should now have a clear idea of which one is the best flash for Sony A7 III, A7R III, A7R IV, A7S III, and A9 I and A9 II.

Remember that many of the models mentioned above are available for both Sony alpha cameras and other makers such as Fujifilm.

Lastly, as with all photography equipment, we recommend getting to know your new flash well to get the most possible mileage out of it.

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