What Is The Best Godox Flash?

It’s no secret that Godox makes some of the best flashes on the market.

However, with so many different models to choose from, it can be tough to know which one is right for you.

Godox V860III-S Flash
Best Overall
  • Great battery life
  • 1.5s recycle time
  • 480-full power flashes
  • Modeling Light
  • Built-in Godox 2.4G Wireless X System
  • Quick-release
Godox TT685II-S
Runner Up
  • Good battery life
  • Compatible with TTL autoflash
  • Easy to read LCD panel
  • A ton of shooting flexibility
  • Wide range of features
  • Good price
Godox V1-S
Great Value
  • Built-in LED modeling lamp
  • Wireless Control
  • High-performing battery with fast recycle time
  • A wide range of advanced features
  • Compatible with magnetic mounting options

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best Godox flashes and help you decide which one is right for you.

7 Best Godox Flashes

Best Godox flash for Nikon, Sony, and Canon

One of the best things about Godox flashes is that they work with all major camera brands, including Canon and Nikon.

This means you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues, regardless of which flash you choose.

1. Godox V860III-S

Godox V860III-S is upgrading its battery with an extra boost of power.

The new version, the Godox V860III-S, offers 1.5s recycle time and 480 full-strength flashes from one charge. 

The light at the front of this device will make pre-visualization easier for you and allow it to blend with ambient lighting.

It can be dimmed ten levels from bright, giving you more control over how much illumination is needed for your project. 

Equipped with a 2.4G wireless transmission, the V860III-S offers all-in-one functions that ensure an even and stable illumination to meet your needs no matter where you are.

The Godox V860III-S flash has a variety of tasks that make it ideal for any photographer. 

With its TTL autoflash, manual flash option, and high-speed sync capabilities, this Godox Flash will not disappoint.

Godox V860III-S is a high-powered, professional flash that can quickly switch between manual and TTL modes with its quick button. 

This new design includes an easy-release lock for securing your Speedlight onto the camera’s hot shoe, and it won’t get in your way when taking pictures.


  • It is a powerful flash with a long charging time and a quick recycle time
  • Some people may find a modeling lamp handy.
  • The V860III-S has an excellent build quality
  • Its improved battery is now compatible with different Godox flashes.


  • Priced more than prior models
  • The menu system needs some improvement.

2. Godox TT685II-S 

The Godox TT685II camera flash is compatible with TTL autoflash and is designed for Sony DSLR cameras.

Your photography will become easier with the aid of this TTL-compatible Flash. 

With ease, you can obtain proper exposure in any complicated light-changing setting. TT685S is the perfect companion for any Sony camera. 

It can be used as a master unit, which controls flashes such as HVL-F60M and HVL- 43M via Wireless Lighting System (WLS).

Godox’s wireless system is the most reliable way to get your Flash off a camera and onto something more stable, like light stands. 

It lets you take control by adding additional speed lights or even specialty-mounted units for specific effects.

Speedlights are great, but they’re not always enough.

Suppose you want to take your game up another notch in quality and power. 

In that case, we highly recommend investing in more expensive strobes that can be used alongside an existing trigger system without any issues.


  • Godox’s newest quick-release locking foot is included.
  • TTL and HSS support are available, and TTL to Manual power conversion.
  • A low-cost light with the majority of the functions of OEM Speedlight at a fraction of the cost.


  • At first, the user interface might be a little complex.
  • It’s not as sturdy or long-lasting as some of the more costly lights.

3. Godox VI-S

Godox V1S Sony flash is high-quality, professional lighting equipment that provides natural and beautiful light.

It has a built-in LED modeling lamp that can adjust from 01 to 10 steps. 

It distributes an even light without flattering any one area too much while also being capable enough if you want more focus, precisely where it’s wanted on your subject matter.

The GODOX v has a round head, perfect for producing an even spread of light. 

Unlike the square beam created by regular Speedlight heads, this helps fill up your modifier better.

The Godox 2.4G wireless X system offers an all-inclusive function and 100 meters further transmission distance, offering even illumination with stable output.

The Godox VI S can be used as a slave/master flash to control other flashes or work simultaneously on your camera’s settings without needing any extra equipment like reflectors, etc.

This greatly expands the creative possibilities for photographers who want versatile lighting solutions in their images. 

Godox’s V1 flash battery offers an incredible 480 full-power flashes, with a 1.5-second recycle time and 7200mAh batteries.

You’ll be able to take many more pictures before needing another charge because this unit is powered by lithium-ion batteries instead of AA batteries which offer longer operating times.


  • It has lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that last longer than the AA Batteries
  • It has magnetic attachments that are around its head.
  • It works on camera and off camera with a transmitter.


  • It lacks modifier support.
  • Still unable to discard some power; needs to recycle completely.

4. Godox AD200 Pro

The AD series is a unique type of light that can be controlled either wirelessly with Godox’s Wireless X system or through sync cables.

The AD200 Pro comes with a few different heads, but you can also use the round head (H200R) or LED Light Head. 

The two are sold separately and produce a gentler light spread than standard Fresnel fixtures; if that’s what you’re looking for, they’re fantastic.

The provided heads put out 200 watts of light, corresponding to a guide number of 52m (Fresnel) to 60 bare bulbs.

The powerful 2900mAh battery pack is suitable for over 500 full-power flashes, so you’ll have no issue with running out of power on most shoots.

The AD200 Pro’s flash holder is an excellent addition to the camera.

It’s securely made from metal, allowing for adjustability in various angles and positions that are perfect when shooting at different heights or distances.


  • The AD200 Pro is lightweight, thus making it portable
  • It’s easy to use for beginners
  • It has an excellent battery life
  • It has excellent performance and compatibility.


  • When shooting quickly in HSS, it tends to overheat.
  • Has only off-camera

5. Godox MF 12

The Godox’s MF 12 2.4ghz wireless system makes this light one of the best in its class.

You can control it with a single unit or many units for maximum coverage and power while remaining sleek-looking on your camera. 

The MF12 units are perfect for jobs that require a lot of light.

They come with a powerful 16 guide number and can last up to 500 full flashes on their built-in lithium battery before recharging. 

Because of its tiny form and unique flexibility to be fixed directly onto your lens with the adapter rings or placed around subjects with the supplied stand, the MF12 Macro Flash is an excellent choice for close-up photography. 

It’s also tiny enough that you may use it for general photography if necessary. Included in the 2-Light Kit are adapters for every size lens.

The set has eight different fits, which means you’ll be able to use it with most cameras on any device.


  • An ecosystem’s expandable mini-ecosystem.
  • Asymmetrical and symmetrical arrangements are both possible.
  • Flash durations are very fast, especially when the power is low.


  • There is no choice for a wired sync cable.
  • Because it’s a specialized light, it’s only useful for macro photography.
  • The white balance was described as being a bit warm.

6. Godox TT600

The Godox TT600 has an ergonomic yet simple design that makes it simple to operate.

It works great with all compatible devices and requires one firing pin. 

Due to its balanced and consistent signal, the Flash can cover a larger area while using less battery power than similar devices.

Godox’s newest addition to their line of professional studio lights, the TT600, offers flexibility in illumination angles with Rotation Angles ranging from 7° – to 90 °. 

This advanced feature set makes it easy for photographers and videographers alike who need a wide range of specific types of light sources when working on the set.

TT600 is a great camera for all types of photography.

It has a built-in wireless X system which enables it to send signals wirelessly and receive radio control over the flash trigger.

The wireless triggering of the Flash offers more options than just being used as a master/slave system. 

Your Flash will give 230 complete flashes on average if you use decent batteries.

It takes 4 AA batteries, and the recycle time between two consecutive shots is between 0.1 and 2.6 seconds.


  • There are a lot of flashes with a short recycling time.
  • It has excellent battery life.
  • A wide number of devices are supported.
  • The X wireless system is quite responsive.


  • Because this does not come with TTL, the user must be familiar with Flash and metering.
  • In comparison to current user interfaces, the user interface is traditional.

7. Godox MS 300

The Godox MS300 is a cost-effective strobe light that offers powerful illumination for your home studio.

It’s perfect if you’ll only be using these lights in an environment where there are always plug sockets nearby.

It works particularly if you’ve already invested in the Godox system with one or more of their speedlights.

The Godox MS300 is a fantastic camera for all of your photography needs.

It features the same built-in 2.4Ghz flash system, which is compatible with all Godox X system devices. 

The Godox MS300 does not have a High-Speed Sync or TTL for automatic flash metering, but it has everything you need indoors where light levels are low, and shutter speeds don’t need to be fast. 

To get good exposure to this light, you’ll need to adjust its power manually.

This is an easy skill that will help develop your photography skills early on. 

The light doesn’t beep which is a great feature.

It’s nice to have peace during takes without worrying about those pesky sound effects ruining everything.


  • Quick recycling times
  • It’s very affordable
  • It has a significant quantity of power


  • Long duration of the Flash
  • It isn’t easy to utilize on location.

Features to Consider for a Godox Flash

Top Godox camera flashes

To find the best Flash for your needs, here are some features you’ll want to keep in mind.

Type of Photography

The type of photography you do will heavily influence the choice of Flash you make.

For example, if you need a fast recycle time and high-speed sync for action photography, you’ll want to look for a flash that offers those features. 

If you’re mostly shooting portraits, you can get away with a less expensive and feature-rich flash.

TTL or Manual

TTL (through the lens) flashes offer convenience because they automatically adjust the power output of the flash-based on the camera’s metering system.

A manual flash may be a better choice if you’re comfortable with manual settings and want more control over the light output.

Power Output

The power output of your Flash will determine how much fill light or on-location lighting you can provide.

For indoors, most flashes will offer enough power for basic photography needs. 

However, if you plan on using your Flash outdoors or want to be able to light up a large area, then you’ll need a more powerful flash.

Recycle Time

The recycle time is the amount of time it takes for your Flash to be ready to fire again after being discharged. 

If you’re shooting action or need to take multiple shots quickly, you’ll want a fast recycle time.

A slower recycling time for portrait or general photography isn’t as big of a deal.

Battery Life 

The battery life of your Flash will determine how long you can use it before needing to recharge or replace the batteries.

If you’re using your Flash regularly, you’ll want a flash with long battery life. 

However, if you only use your Flash occasionally, then you won’t need to worry about battery life as much.


You’ll want to make sure that the Flash you choose is compatible with your camera system.

For example, if you have a Canon DSLR, you’ll want to get a Canon-compatible flash. 

Some flashes are also compatible with multiple camera systems, so you won’t need to get a new flash if you switch cameras down the road.


Features to Consider when buying a Godox Flash

The price of your Flash will be determined by how many features it offers and its power output.

Generally speaking, the more features and power you get, the more expensive the Flash will be.

However, some great budget-friendly options are available if you know what to look for.

Final Thoughts

Godox makes some great flashes, and there are many different options to choose from.

If you’re just getting started in photography, then the Godox AD200 Pro is a great entry-level flash that will give you the power and versatility you need. 

For more experienced photographers, the Godox VTT685II-S or V860III-S are great choices that offer more power and features.

Whichever Speedlight flash you choose, make sure it’s compatible with your camera system and offers the features you need for the type of photography you do.

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