How to Check Shutter Count on Sony A7III

You want to take your photography to the next level or upgrade the current equipment you own.

If you ask expert photographers, besides skills and techniques, the camera’s shutter count affects the final photo output.

Knowing the number of shots the shutter takes can help you align improperly timed shots.

Shutter count is one of the most essential parameters for Sony cameras, as it considers all images taken by that day’s schedule together with all remaining shots.

How to Check Shutter Count on Sony A7iii

How to Check Shutter Count on Sony A7iii - Easy Ways

Sony A7iii has a shutter limit of about 200 000 actuations which you can check in a few simple options.

First, third-party websites like EXIF data capture information about a photo. The downside for these sites is compatibility.

Secondly, the built-in feature in Sony A7iii shows you its life expectancy in a few clicks.

What’s the Importance of Shutter Count on Cameras?

Shutter count is important for a camera to function. If too many shutters open or close in a large number, the quality of the pictures will be affected.

So it is vital to keep track of the number of shutter opens and closes on your camera.

Cameras have a capture limit which affects the picture quality once the limit is surpassed.

Most DSLR cameras have a life expectancy between 50,000 and 400,000, making Sony A7iii an excellent camera choice with a 200,000 shutter count.

If you’re on a budget and decide to buy a used Sony A7iii, be sure to check the shutter count.

A lower shutter count means lower life expectancy for that camera, and we all want value for money, right? So, how do you check the shutter count?

How to Check the Shutter Count on Sony A7iii

Knowing the shutter count for any camera is essential but not known by many.

Fortunately, we share two simple ways to help you see the life expectancy for your new Sony A7iii.

The Built-In Feature

Sony cameras (the Alpha series) have a built-in feature that allows users to check the shutter count in a few steps, as illustrated below;

To check the shutter count on your Sony A7iii, please follow these steps:

  • Turn your camera on and navigate to the menu page
  • Tap the Info icon in the top right of the screen
  • Scroll down to Camera settings and find Shutter Count
  • Tap on Shutter Count to reveal a menu with options to clear, reset and save your settings.

Online Tools

You can check the Sony A7iii shutter count on third-party websites with ease.

Unfortunately, some sites are incompatible with specific camera models or RAW files, making it difficult for you to use.

However, the process is similar for most websites, as shown below;

  • Take a photo on your DSLR camera (JPEG, RAW)
  • Upload the unedited image on the website
  • Click OK to get results

What’s the Shutter Limit for Sony A7 Cameras?

Shutter count is the number of times the shutter opens during a single exposure, so a higher count means more movement.

The maximum number of shutter counts on the Sony A7iii camera is 200,000.

However, most users report a shutter failure below 10,000, less than the 200,000 expected life expectancy.

The premature shutter failure may be caused by a damaged or stuck rear curtain leading to frequent errors and a damaged camera.

How to Fix Shutter Actuation on Sony A7iii

If your A7iii has a problem that causes the shutter count to stop working, there are a few things you can try.

First, check the battery.

If you have a spare battery, try putting it in and check if that fixes it. If not, try replacing the battery with a fresh one.

Next, check for debris on the camera’s sensor or body.

If you see anything that could be causing this issue, take some time to clean it off using a cloth or tissue paper.

Alternatively, fix a stuck shutter by adding some lubricant.

Finally, if the shutter count is up, you might need to change the lenses, which gives you another 200,000 actuation for that camera.

It’s a rather expensive fix, but the other option is to buy a new camera altogether.

How Many Shutter Counts Can Sony A7iii Store?

How do I find the shutter count on my Sony camera?

If you’re looking for the number of shutter counts that can be stored on your Sony A7 cameras, you’ll find no limit.

The only thing that matters is how much memory your camera has; there are many different ways to do this.

Here are three ways:

  • Turn off the shutter count feature in your camera’s menu settings (or simply remove it).
  • Connect an external memory card over a USB. If there isn’t enough space on the internal memory, transfer some images from the SD card onto another device, like a computer or phone, through this method.
  • Buy more memory cards! This is the most straightforward option, but if you plan on shooting lots of photos with your Sony A7 iii, then make sure to buy plenty of extra storage space so that you don’t run out before you want to!

Final Thoughts

Shutter count is vital for several reasons, the most significant being that it can impact your camera’s behavior when using specific settings and the final photo output.

Sony cameras now have a built-in feature to assist you in checking the shutter count lifespan and making informed decisions. 

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