AstroMaster: Virtual Astrophotography Masterclass

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Dive into the enthralling world of astrophotography with AstroMaster, a comprehensive virtual masterclass series led by renowned photographer Tony Kelly. Spanning from beginner basics to advanced techniques, this series covers celestial movements, camera settings, post-processing, and much more. Get exclusive access to time-lapse videos, behind-the-scenes content, and interactive live webinars. With hands-on assignments and a vibrant community forum, embark on a journey to master the art of capturing the night sky.

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  1. The interactive elements of the masterclass made learning astrophotography a dynamic and engaging experience. Tony’s expertise is evident in every session.

  2. The balance between technical skills and creative storytelling in this masterclass is perfect. I feel much more confident in my astrophotography abilities now.

  3. The clarity of instruction in the AstroMaster class is unmatched. Tony’s passion for the stars is contagious and I’ve learned so much!

  4. AstroMaster has taken my astrophotography to new heights. The technical tips are incredibly valuable, and the community is so supportive.

  5. Each tutorial was filled with insights and practical tips. The interactive assignments really helped me apply what I learned. This masterclass has truly elevated my photography skills.